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Catalog Offerings

We are currently offering four courses during the Winter of 2022 which provide ACT48 Approval Credit for Pennsylvania teachers and a Microcredential for all who successfully complete the courses. 

The goal is to foster collaboration between K-12 school leaders from urban, suburban, and rural districts which will create a rich dialogue for sharing ideas, resources, and developing skills to navigate complexities facing educational leaders today and into the future. 

This model supports educators in developing and incorporating collaborative project based learning in the classroom using a 10 stage design thinking process. 

This program will familiarize participants with an understanding of trauma in its broadest definition and the prevalence of trauma across a school system. 

 This program focuses on developing athlete leadership in sport by creating a collaborative environment to help coaches and athletes address the very challenges they face today in their respective contexts.

This course provides K-12 educators and other personnel of school systems working with students with a solid foundation in the diverse religious landscape of the American school system.

This program will explore the connections between mindfulness, authentic self, creativity, leadership, and creating sustainable change. 

Summer workshop to prepare High School Students select and apply to the colleges of their choice.

What Our Clients Say

Webinar to introduce new regulations by the Department of Education regarding requirements for interactions between and among faculty and students in online classes. 

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Julie Shaw,Educational Consultant/Specialist

The Office of Lifelong Learning provides me the opportunity to share my knowledge to educators about how to deal with trauma. The resources I have received for marketing and content creation have been commendable." 

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