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Introduction to
Trauma, Brain and Education

Now Available for Registration

Cost of Course:  $375.00 

Optional 12-month access to support materials from NeuroLogic by Lakeside E-learning platform: $150


Maximum capacity of event:   




Julie Shaw, Ed.D. is a forward minded systems thinker who combines a unique set of work experiences to offer a cultivated and effective set of leadership skills for a wide variety of settings.

Dr. Shaw is a strong advocate of K-12 public education with expertise in trauma informed practices and completed a dissertation on this topic through the Educational Leadership and Management program at Drexel University with focused study on U.S. Educational Policy.

Julie has over ten years of management experience in a corporate environment, ten years of classroom teaching, as well as, relevant experience in working with local teacher associations across Pennsylvania.

These experiences and related skills combined with a strong mission of service and grounded personal values will bring results to future employers.

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Teacher with Students


This micro-credential, Introduction to Trauma, Brain and Education, is a learning opportunity offering participants content and learning materials through a learning management system and live Zoom meetings with Dr. Shaw.    

This course will familiarize participants with the following:  

  • Understanding of trauma in its broadest definition and the prevalence of trauma across a school system 

  • Understanding the effect of trauma on the brain: neuro-development, neuroplasticity and brain regulation 

  • Apply your learning of trauma and the brain to all aspects of the school system (curriculum, support programs, discipline as well as other topics) 


Dates: Starting September 21, 2021

Program Conduction: Synchronous Online 


Cost of event:  $375.00 

12-month access to support materials from NeuroLogic by Lakeside E-learning platform (Optional): $150


Maximum capacity of event:   



Q: How long is the Introduction to Trauma, Brain, and Education Micro-credential program? 

A: The Trauma, Brain, and Education Micro-credential program is a six week course of study. 

Q: Is there any accreditation

 with the program? 

A: Yes, the program has Pennsylvania Department of Education ACT48 approval credit.  This means that as a Pennsylvania teacher you are able to receive nd credit towards your professional development as an educational professional. At the completion of your course of study, the Drexel University School of Education will provide you evidence that you have met all requirements of the program. Please note that acceptance of education coursework for the satisfaction of certification or licensure professional development requirements rests with each state. Individuals interested in taking Drexel coursework for the purposes of satisfying certification requirements should speak with either their direct supervisor or state certification authority to determine if it will meet the requirements. It remains the individual’s responsibility to understand and comply with all certification requirements for the state in which he or she is certified or intends to practice.

Q: What are the results of the program? 

A: The intended outcomes of this program will be to familiarize K-12 educators and leaders on the broad impact of trauma within a school system and provide a new lens with which to view students, faculty, staff, learning, policy, and discipline procedures.  The final week of this professional learning opportunity will lead to conversations and presentations of proposals on how to integrate trauma-responsive practices throughout a school system.  

ready to sign up? click here below for more information. 

Start Date: Sept 21 

Six Class Meetings Starting September 21st 

Live meeting dates via ZOOM: 

  •  9/28 at 7pm est 

  • 10/12 at 7pm est 

  • 10/26 at 7pm est

Accessible through Blackboard® and ZOOM®

*Note: Future sessions will be provided based on demand

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